Clearview Towing Mirrors Installation Instructions For Jeep Grand Cherokee

For: Jeep Grand Cherokee 2010 - On


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Jeep Grand Cherokee Clearview Towing Mirrors

Watch the Complete How-To Install Video for Additional Details!

instructions video Clearview Mirror installation on Jeep Grand Cherokee

Tools You Will Need:

Jeep Grand Cherokee - Tools

Installation Instructions:

1. First the door panel must be removed to access the side mirror connector: Using a pocket screwdriver, remove the trim on the door panel arm rest.

Jeep Grand Cherokee remove door panel

2. Push back to uncover screw.

Push back to uncover screw

3. Using a pocket screwdriver, pry off the cover as shown from behind the door handle.

pry off cover behind door panel

4. Loosen the screw that is revealed.

loosen screw behind door panel

5. Remove screw.

loosen screw

6. Carefully pry off the door panel starting at the bottom.

Pry off Jeep Grand Cherokee door panel

7. Pop off the door panel, leaving everything connected.

pop off Jeep Grand Cherokee door panel

8. Use a hook to hold the door up.

hold door up with a hook

9. Locate the mirror wiring connectors behind the door panel.

Jeep Grand Cherokee mirror wiring connectors

10. Disconnect the white connector.

disconnect white connector

11. Disconnect the black connector.

disconnect black connector

12. Pry off the speaker housing cover.

Pry off the speaker housing cover

13. Run out the three bolts holding the mirror in place, taking caution to support the mirror, so not to drop it.

run out 3 bolts

14. Remove original mirror, snaking connector harness through the opening.

remove original mirror

15. Install the New Clearview Towing Mirror, guiding wiring through opening and secure the top bolt, first, to hold.

install new Clearview Towing Mirror

16. Then, secure bottom 2 bolts.

secure mirror with bolt

17. Plug in the connectors.

Plug in the connectors

18. Replace speaker housing cover.

Replace speaker housing cover

19. Secure door trim.

Secure door trim

20. Tuck wiring out of the way.

Tuck wiring out of the way

21. The Mirror is now installed. Test the adjustable mirror functions.

test new mirror

22. Test the mirror functions before reassembling door panel.

test new mirror

23. Replace and secure the door panel.

secure door panel

24. Re-insert screw in door arm rest.

Re-insert screw in door arm rest

25. Re-insert screw behind door handle.

Re-insert screw behind door handle

26. Replace panel cover.

Replace panel cover

27. Check that all door trim is secure and in place.

Check that all door trim is secure and in place

28. Now use the process again to install the opposite mirror. And Done!

Jeep Grand Cherokee Clearview Towing Mirror installation completed


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