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Electric Trailer Brake Controller Kit By Atlantic British For Land Rover LR3, LR4 And Range Rover Sport, North American Spec Only

12 reviews 4.8 out of 5 stars

Electric Trailer Brake Controller Kit By Atlantic British For Land Rover LR3, LR4 And Range Rover Sport, North American Spec Only


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10min Install - Works Perfect

Posted 07-10-2024

Verified Purchase

By Bill Martin

Arrived in 2 days. Installed in 10 min on my 2011 LR4. Instructions were easy to follow. Works as advertised.

Works as advertised

Posted 06-17-2024

Verified Purchase

By Vincent Deschenes

Would be nice to have some pictures for LR4 installation. Plug under dash is located right side of steering column which is different than what is shown in range rover based instructional video.

Trailer Brake Controller - RR Sport

Posted 03-19-2024

Verified Purchase

By Timothy Bohl

The controller works great, and the custom harness they made fits and works exactly as advertised. The included instructions are pretty good - one note that I ran into: at least on my vehicle (‘08 RR Sport), the plug under the dash was much further in and was clipped to the brake pedal. I ended up needing to remove the plastic kick panel rather than pulling it down as pictured. It wasn’t a big deal - just one extra screw and a bit of fiddling - but thought it might be helpful to note for others trying a self install.

Great basic trailer brake controller

Posted 03-05-2024

Verified Purchase

By Arthur Mihalovits

Controller itself is basic but functions flawlessly. Installation on my LR4 was a breeze with AB's cable, included in the kit. I mounted using Command Strip Velcro tabs to eliminate having to drill holes in the kick panel. I gave it 5 stars as it is what I expected. Could it be better, sure, but I also could have purchased something different and wired it in. Would be a good option if AB made custom plugs or pigtails to use with higher end units, for those that require a better readout or want a different controller.

Upgraded my 2013 RRS with trailer package

Posted 09-22-2023

Verified Purchase

By steve aultman

Needed a brake controller to complete my trailer kit, as that option was not on my unit. It is a good brake controller, can be purchased from many places, the pigtail however was custom made of heavy gage wire and the terminations are quality work, would have cost me almost the same to buy everything and make it myself.

06 LR3

Posted 12-06-2022

Verified Purchase

By Jaime Hernandez

It was quite simple to install, instructions were Clear and straight forward, which the controller had a display vs led light to indicate braking level, it serves its purpose though.

Good basic controller

Posted 10-20-2022

Verified Purchase

By Henry Hawthorne

Solid and basic - easy to install and operate - does not have a numerical indicator of gain/bias +- as some units offer, but I don't find that necessary


Posted 04-21-2022

Verified Purchase

By Minnesota automotive

Super easy to install on my 2010 RRS. Made for instant trailer brake controller, the plug was just under the dash. I just wish it had a screen to see what setting you are on.

Plug & Play!

Posted 02-13-2021

Verified Purchase

By James Schneider

Great product, easy connect, plug and play no fuss install.

Installed in a few minutes

Posted 05-22-2020

Verified Purchase

By Kevin Comaty

Plugs right in. I used Velcro tape to mount the controller, so we can remove it.

Plug and Play! Super easy installation!!

Posted 08-25-2018

Verified Purchase

By Mark Smirz

Very happy with this electric trailer brake controller. The installation was as simple as can be. Connections matched up perfectly to my '11 LR4 HSE. The included instructions were great as well. Everything I needed, ready to go!!

plug and play function

Posted 05-28-2015

Verified Purchase

By George Pavlou

I chose this kit only because of the easiness of installation. It plugs right in and it feels professionaly installed. No extra wires to and from the battery no wires splitting. As for the controller i would prefer something with more display options. All you get is a yellow light that gets brighter when you press the + button. I have to guess where the previous setting was to adjust it again when the trailer gets full.

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