Frequently Asked Questions

What are Clearview Towing Mirrors?

Clearview Towing Mirrors are a full replacement towing mirror. This means they're mounted as a direct replacement for your vehicle's standard side mirrors.

What features do the mirrors have?

Our mirrors use the original vehicle electrics. Some models will come standard with indicators, if your original mirrors have indicators these electrics can be used with Clearview Towing Mirrors. NOTE: Electric fold back, and/or camera functions will no longer operate when using Clearview Towing Mirrors as these features are not included with our towing mirrors.

How do the mirrors work?

Clearview Towing Mirrors are full replacement mirrors. In other words, you remove your current OE mirrors from your truck and fit our mirrors into the same location. The electrics of your original mirrors will work with the new replacement mirrors. The top glass in the mirror is flat glass and will operate electrically, while the bottom mirror is convex glass to help eliminate blind spots and is manually operated. After you hook up what you're towing, you can slide the mirrors out an additional four inches, allowing you to see down the side of your caravan.

The mirrors look wider than my origianl mirrors. How far past the old mirrors do they stick out?

At full extension, our mirrors sit out wider than your vehicle's original mirrors by about four inches. They are designed this way so that you can see past what you are towing.

Will the mirrors fold back if I happen to hit something in the parking lot?

Yes, the mirrors are designed to fold back against your car door if hit. They will also fold forward if someone happens to brush past them while parking next to you in a parking lot.

Do you carry spare parts in case of damage?

Yes, we carry a full selection of spare parts which are listed on our website.

How do they fit onto my car?

You remove the current mirror on your car completely and bolt our mirror into the same place. Please review the instruction video for your particular vehicle model if you would like more information on the installation process.

Will your mirrors fit on vehicles other than those listed on the part fitment?

In short - NO. Our mirrors are vehicle specific, so they WILL NOT fit on other models.

Can I remove the Clearview Towing Mirror and refit my old mirror if I'm not going away on a trip or if I sell the car?

Yes, you can remove our mirrors and refit your old mirrors again without any problems at all.

I've watched the DVD and still don't feel comfortable installing the mirrors myself. Can I have a shop install them for me?

Yes, you can bring this to a mechanic or auto electrician and have them fit the mirrors for you.

My car has electric mirrors. Will this be an issue?

No, the electrical connectors that come with our mirrors are designed to fit directly into your existing wiring. No wires to cut; just unplug your current mirror and plug ours back in. The controls should operate normally, however, any additional features such as electric fold back will be lost when installing our mirrors.

What sort of warranty is provided with the mirrors?

Clearview Towing Mirrors are guaranteed for 36 months from the date of purchase. Terms and Conditions apply.

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