Clearview Expanda Slides, Portable Refrigerator Vehicle Slides (Choose A Size)

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Product Details

The Most Versatile Refrigerator Slide On The Market

With over 81 different tray configurations, the Expanda Slide is designed to fit your trail fridge perfectly. Our patented design makes this one of the most versatile fridge-slides on the market and can fit most of the major brand portable fridges. This will help maximize the storage space in your Rover and minimize fridge movement. The straightforward DIY setup makes it easy to install and includes the necessary mounting hardware and tie-down straps. Whether you have a 37-quart or an 82-quart fridge, or something in-between, the Expanda Slide will fit your portable fridge.

Looking for a travel slide that is a little more heavy duty? Consider the Expanda Slide XL. With a weight capacity up to 390 lbs. whether you're carrying an 82-quart travel fridge, a barbeque, or even a generator, you can trust that the heavy duty Expanda Slide XL will keep your gear in place while helping maximize the space in your vehicle.

Key Features (Standard):

  • 81 different tray configurations
  • Length adjusts from 26 inches to 34 inches
  • Width adjusts from 15 inches to 21 inches
  • Slide travels out 30 inches from base
  • Can fit most major brand travel fridges
  • 36-month warranty (terms and conditions apply)

Key Features (Expanda Slide XL):

  • 81 different tray configurations
  • Length adjusts from 34 inches to 42 inches
  • Width adjusts from 19 inches to 25 inches
  • Slide travels out 30 inches from base
  • Can fit most major brand large size travel fridges
  • 390-pound weight capacity
  • Can be used for other hard-to-reach or heavyweight items (i.e. toolboxes, generators, barbecues, and more!)
  • 36-month warranty (terms and conditions apply)

NOTEClearview Kitchen Pantry Pantry Kitchen Modular Storage Unit cannot be installed on an Expanda Slide.

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