Clearview COMPACT Towing Mirrors For Range Rover Sport, 2006 - 2013

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Product Details

Compact Size, Big Vision.

The newest innovation in towing mirrors has arrived for your Range Rover Sport, 2006 - 2013. Our Clearview COMPACT Mirrors combine a more petite mirror frame with a single-lens glass to offer big vision. The mirrors extend out when towing and slide back in for day-to-day driving. Like all our towing mirrors, our Clearview COMPACTS are engineered specifically for each vehicle and feature the same functionality as your vehicle's original mirrors.

The COMPACT Towing Mirrors are marginally wider than your standard OEM mirrors in standard driving position. Aided by a patented dual telescopic extension slide, they are extendable up to 271MM, which allow you to safely and reliably view your camper, boat or trailer.

Even when not towing, the COMPACT mirrors give you superior vision over your standard OEM mirrors. They have generally 50% more mirror surface area to OEM mirrors giving you greatly improved vision and safety.

Clearview COMPACT Towing Mirrors are perfect for the frequent towing enthusiast, or anyone looking to increase vision and reliability of the vehicle’s side mirrors and offer superior design, style, and feature-rich functions to meet your needs! These mirrors are full OEM replacement towing mirrors and should be your next upgrade if you're doing any repeated towing.

COMPACT Key Features:

  • Choice of mirrors that are heated with electric power adjust or heated with electric power adjust AND turn signal indicators
  • Even more compact design looks great on smaller vehicles
  • Fully integrated replacement mirrors
  • Uses stock mirror body cutouts
  • Durable black finish
  • Sturdy steel arm construction with telescopic 2-stage slide-out extension
  • Attaches to your original vehicle mirror mounts
  • 3 variable arm positions: normal driving position (non-extended), first towing position (telescopic extension 1), and extended towing position (telescopic extension 2)
  • Large CONVEX mirror glass for enhanced vision, field of view, and safety
  • Larger mirror surface than the average OEM mirror
  • Smaller frame size and overall shape reduces wind resistance
  • Mirror mounting bolts target torque: 7.36 ft-lbs. (10 nm)
  • Sits back in close to the car when not towing
  • 36-month product warranty (terms and conditions apply)

Integrated Quality Replacement Mirrors

As full replacement towing mirrors, Clearview Mirrors will completely replace your existing stock side mirrors using the original cutouts, fittings, and wiring. No additional cutting, drilling, or wiring necessary! These high-quality mirrors are manufactured for long-term durability and designed for enhanced visibility, function, and style.

Important Installation Notes:

Plug-n-Play Installation & Notes On Turn Signal Functionality:

To ensure simple plug-n-play installation, choose the Clearview Towing Mirror set for your vehicle that matches the features and functions of your original factory mirrors. If you're looking to add a Clearview Mirror set with additional functionality over your stock mirrors, it may not be plug-n-play and require additional wiring. For example, for the mirror set with optional turn signal indicators, the installation is NOT plug-n-play and requires circuit hard-wiring by an automotive electrician (if your stock mirrors do not have active turn signal functionality already.) Accordingly, the installation should be done by a qualified automotive shop and should not be attempted by DIY vehicle owners (unless you are particularly savvy with automotive electrics.) A general overview of what's involved can be found HERE.


Watch Our Installation Video On A Range Rover Sport

(Original Gen mirrors install shown, but mounting points and connectors are the same on COMPACT)

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