Clearview Towing Mirrors Installation Instructions For Land Rover LR3

Applies To:

For: For Land Rover LR3 2005 - 2009

Items: CV-LR-D34-EB / CV-LR-D34-IEB

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Land Rover LR3 - Clearview Towing Mirrors

Watch the Complete How-To Install Video for Additional Details!

instructions video Clearview Mirror installation on Land Rover LR3

1. First the door panel must be removed to access the side mirror connector: Using a pocket screwdriver, pry the Land Rover Emblem from door panel. Remove screw that is uncovered.

Land Rover Emblem from door panel

2. Behind the door handle, pry off the small round cover, using a pocket screwdriver, to reveal a screw. Remove screw.

remove screw behind door handle

3. Remove the cover on the door panel arm rest using a pocket screwdriver.

Remove the cover on the door panel arm rest

4. Remove the 4 screws that are revealed.

remove screws inside door panel arm rest

5. Remove the two philips head screws at the bottom of the door tray.

Remove the screws at the bottom of the door tray

6. Loosen speaker housing.

Loosen speaker housing

7. Pop off the door panel, leaving everything connected.

Pop off the LR3 door panel

8. Now you have access to mirror connector, which you will disconnect.

disconnect mirror connector

9. Run out the three bolts holding the mirror in place, taking caution to support the mirror, so not to drop it.

Run out the bolts holding the side mirror

10. Remove original mirror, snaking connector harness through the opening.

Remove original mirror

11. Install the New Clearview Towing Mirror, guiding wiring through opening and secure the top bolt, first, to hold.

Install the New Clearview Towing Mirror on the LR3

12. Secure bottom 2 bolts with 10mm socket.

secure mirror with bolts

13. Plug in the connector. The towing mirror is now installed.

Plug in the connector

14. Reverse to process to reinstall door panel. Now use the process again to install the opposite mirror. Done!

reinstall door panel


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