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Easy slide with travel fridge

9 reviews 4.9 out of 5 stars

Clearview Easy Slide, Portable Refrigerator Vehicle Lowering Slide ES-100PLUS, Standard Size

Item: ES-100PLUS,ES-150PLUS,ES-220PLUS

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2nd one

Posted 12-12-2022

Verified Purchase

By abraham eini

It’s my second time buying this product and I absolutely love it!

Excellent addition to my drawer system

Posted 01-23-2022

Verified Purchase

By Aubrey Taylor

Installed this lowering fridge slide on top of my DECKED drawer system in the covered bed of my GMC Sierra 1500 for added convenience and safety for accessing the contents of my Dometic CFX 55 IM. I have one of the standard clearview fridge slides as well for the drawer/storage system in the rear of my 2000 Disco 2. I had been swapping that back and forth between the Disco and the GMC. The only negative thing I would say about it is the price, but its the only lowering slide available in the US that I am aware of - nothing to compare it against, but you pay for ease and convenience. Nonetheless, expecting many good years of use and service out of it going forward.

Works great

Posted 11-03-2021

Verified Purchase

By Kerri Cowser

Love it, it works great. Only thing is the lever handle to lower fridge rattles and causes a noise while driving.

Easy to install. I always wanted it and now I love it.

Posted 09-21-2021

Verified Purchase

By Douglas Carmouche

Very High Quality, which in turn makes it very heavy. I thought it would be difficult to install on my TruckValut drawers. But, it turned out to be very easy. It took maybe 30 minutes to install by myself. Great product, looks good, works good and makes life so much easier accessing the frig.

Solid, easy to use and great quality

Posted 03-15-2021

Verified Purchase

By Julian Ward

Purchased this to sit on top of my Front Runner Draw system in the lack of my LR4, this is not some flimsy product at all, this is a hefty fridge drop. came with everything I needed to install including temp fixing screws to use whilst adjusting the install. I was concerned about rattles on uneven roads, I get that from my regular ARB slide in my D2 but the rails and the lock on this negate that entirely. very easy to use, my wife can slide out the fridge and drop to the desired height to be able to open the lid and look inside without having to kneel on the tail gate! would definitely recommend.

Incredibly high quality fridge slide!

Posted 02-15-2021

Verified Purchase

By Logan R Heath

What can I say but wow! This drop slide is very solidly designed and built. I am beyond impressed by it. The final end- user assembly was straight- forward and fairly simple with the provided instructions. I installed this on top of some drawers in the back of my 4runner. I was a little worried that this might rattle some, but it is completely silent! I've put a few hundred miles various kinds of roads since then and I don't even notice it is back there. I was a little surprised that the handle and "scissor" arms are red, not black like the pictures, but that is OK. The only real trade-off is the weight. It is a bit more hefty than I anticipated.

Adjustable dropping gear

Posted 05-29-2020

Verified Purchase

By robert salinas

It would be nice if the drop gear can be adjustable so you could drop it lower.

Is it bombproof? YES!!!

Posted 01-24-2019

Verified Purchase


I have zero concerns that this drop slide won't be able to handle it's assigned duty. Very solid and overbuilt product that has very little to improve...except maybe for it's weight. But sometimes weight comes with strength and longevity not unlike my 80 series. No regrets on slide purchase and highly recommend.

Best addition to my rig

Posted 01-15-2019

Verified Purchase

By Wilfredo Suarez

I loved hdving a refrigerator on my rig. But having to climb up and down the bed of my truck was a paint in the butt. This drop down slider took care of that problem for me and I love it!

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