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Clearview NEXT GEN Towing Mirrors, Pair In Black, For Ford Ranger North American Model, 2019-On, Electric Power Adjustable, Power Fold, Heated, Turn Signal Indicators, And BSM Blind Spot Indicators

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Clearview NEXT GEN Towing Mirrors, Pair In Black, For Ford Ranger North American Model, 2019-On, Electric Power Adjustable, Power Fold, Heated, Turn Signal Indicators, And BSM Blind Spot Indicators


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Mirrors are great

Posted 07-01-2023

Verified Purchase

By John Davis

These mirrors fit perfectly. Installation was straight forward, all features work on the mirrors. Highly recommend these mirrors.

Easy Installation, great fit.

Posted 06-19-2023

Verified Purchase

By Dean Baumeister

After reviewing the installing video, I thought it would be painful, removing the entire door panel assemblies. The video, I think, was for older models as it was a 40 minute installation and door panel removal was not needed. Good size mirror glass and with the arms extended, the side view was comparable to that of f150 mirrors. I highly recommend these mirrors!

Great Mirrors

Posted 06-09-2023

Verified Purchase

By David Dowell

These retractable mirrors are great. They work just like the factory tow mirrors on my F-250 super duty. I didn't want something I had to store or strap on. Seem to be of high quality but time will tell. Installation was fast and easy and they look great on my Ranger. Very happy with my purchase. Dave

Perfect fit 2021 ford ranger

Posted 06-08-2023

Verified Purchase

By Joseph Zanca

Love the function of the mirrors and they look like they belong on the truck. Not to big at all. Easy installation.

Nice View

Posted 05-15-2023

Verified Purchase

By David Turnbull

Installed next gen tow on a 2021 Ford Ranger. install took about 1.5 hours but I had 2 toddlers "helping" me. you either need to remove the door trim or get a right angle T-30 wrench and go very very slowly. (1/4" turn at a time) for the bottom bolt. First tow was this weekend and I loved them. felt much safer just from the view angles than the clamp on mirrors I was using.

Definitely makes a difference!!

Posted 04-18-2023

Verified Purchase

By James Dallas

I Tow a 23 foot pontoon boat. These mirrors are great. Not a clamp that fails a true replacement. I only have 2 things that I wish they would change. It appears that the passenger side mirror is angled in toward the truck a little to much. It should be like the driver’s side. The 2nd thing I wished it had was the power folding, as my original had. My original mirrors did not have heat or turn signals so I did not option for those.

Just what the Doctor ordered

Posted 04-17-2023

Verified Purchase

By Gary Girdler

Ford should have something like this as a factory accessory. I'm going to be towing a travel trailer and just haven't been able to find good mirrors, until I stumbled onto these on the web. They fit as a direct bolt-in replacement to the factory mirror and the installation videos led me through the process step by step. As far as I can tell they are the only bolt-ins available. I particularly like that the passenger side big mirror is no a curved "objects in this mirror are closer than they appear". GG

OEM Look

Posted 02-21-2023

Verified Purchase

By Roland Mueck

These mirrors look like should have been an OEM tow mirror option. They look great and function well. I wish the heated option was included at this price point, as it was included with my factory XLT power mirrors. All in all, I am well pleased with the fit and ease of installation. Good job Clearview!

2022 Ford Ranger Tremor

Posted 11-21-2022

Verified Purchase

By Jake Gonzalez

The stock mirrors that came with my 2022 Ford Ranger were fine with daily driving. The were horrible for towing. After purchasing and installing the new Clearview Mirror’s on my truck, I’m now super satisfied with how they look, perform, etc. Installation was quick and easy, and every accessory on the mirrors worked with my trucks stock features. These mirrors are the best product I’ve found that suit my needs! Awesome product, design, quality, features, etc…. Definitely would recommend these mirrors.

Power Fold works with XLT

Posted 11-09-2022

Verified Purchase

By Michael Hensel

I purchased the Larait version to mount on my XLT with option package 301A (includes power fold). The mirrors were easy to install and worked plug and play with all the XLT features with power fold.

Very helpful

Posted 09-19-2022

Verified Purchase

By Michael LaRue

First towing with these mirrors provided the side views needed and lacking in the Oem mirrors. Easy to install and use.

just awesome

Posted 09-05-2022

Verified Purchase

By Scott Koor

quick delivery and extremely easy installation on my 2021 Ford Ranger. Thank you Clearview Next Gen!!!

Great Value/Easy Install

Posted 08-29-2022

Verified Purchase

By Paul Kinney

While $975+ for a set of mirrors is not inexpensive, they are certainly worth every penny. Literally a plug and play installation. Since my 2020 Ranger XLT Trim mirrors have Power Fold & BLIS, I will need to hard wire for the puddle lights, turn signals and heated mirror glass. I have researched the wiring and it is fairly straightforward, if you are technically savvy. The additional rear view that these mirrors give when towing is really why I bought the Clear View Mirrors, and that does not disappoint. Night and day difference in coverage vs the stock mirrors with the trailer in tow. Much safer, especially considering how impatient people are these days.

Great Mirrors

Posted 07-26-2022

Verified Purchase

By Alvin W Bowen

The mirrors are great. The installation was easy once I found the right YouTube video.

Good price for an AWESOME product!!

Posted 07-19-2022

Verified Purchase

By Scott Strickland

I ordered these mirrors and have had them installed a couple weeks now. With all of the options I was hopeful that I was not throwing my money away. After reviewing the installation videos I made the decision and pulled the trigger on the order. I could not be more pleased!! In my opinion they look better than the OEM mirrors and definitely provide a better view behind especially when towing. When they said 20 minutes per side for installation time they were not far off at all and I'm slow. I initially thought the price was a bit high but for everything that is included, it is worth every penny.

Clearview NEXT GEN Towing Mirrors NA Ford Ranger

Posted 07-18-2022

Verified Purchase

By Michael Bland

I love my new mirrors. Very high-quality product that does everything they claim. If you tow with a North American 2019 or newer Ranger, I would highly recommend you get theses. Easy to install with the factory hardware.

Great so far.

Posted 05-23-2022

Verified Purchase

By Perry Franklin

Took me a long time to decide to buy these because of the price tag. But it made a world of difference when I pulled my camper.

Clearview Mirrors for 2021 Ford Ranger

Posted 05-22-2022

Verified Purchase


I tow a full size 8 foot wide travel trailer, and did not like the clip on mirrors that were the only items available until the Clearview's came to the USA. Purchased a set with all the features for a Ranger Lariat. First set had a glitch in the wiring, but I only mention this because of the outstanding customer service that Clearview staff preformed to get me a new set within a week. The new set has performed flawlessly. While towing they give a great rear view and I can easily see what's coming up behind us on both sides. They are very well made, and if you didn't know they were aftermarket, you would assume they were factory installed. Highly recommend, and would buy another set.

Outstanding quality

Posted 05-16-2022

Verified Purchase

By Van Dardis

When I chose the Clearview Towing Mirrors for my 2020 Ford Ranger, I thought they were over-priced. When I received the mirrors and removed them from the box, I was amazed at the product quality. The product fit was perfect...unplugged the electrical connector, removed the three (3) bolts, old mirror off. Reverse the procedure and the new mirrors were on, both in less than an hour. I thought the product was overpriced...I was wrong!

Amazing towing mirrors

Posted 05-13-2022

Verified Purchase

By Benjamin Thene

I have a '20 Ranger with the factory towing package. I was a little upset when I was told there was no option for factory optioned tow mirrors or trailer brake controller. The brake controller was an easy fix, but the mirrors, not so much. I tried the universal clip-on mirrors with no success. After a few months, I found these for the US Ranger. Once Clearview had them in stock, they were shipped to me in about a week. Installed them in about 45 minutes. Very high quality mirrors, excellent visibility, and they don't hang out too much further than factory. Would recommend these to anyone that needs tow mirrors to see around a camper or wide enclosed trailer.

Perfect for the Ranger

Posted 05-12-2022

Verified Purchase

By David Rockwell

Ok, if you have your new Ranger ready to hook up to the camper, since it can handle just about anything, you absolutely NEED these mirrors! Like many others, the Ranger is exactly what we need, it's just lacking the mirrors to match it's capabilities. Well look no further! These mirrors are a PERFECT fit, easy to install (30 - 40 minutes),heavy duty, very well built, and they even look good!

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