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Rover trailer hitch receiver

32 reviews 4.8 out of 5 stars

Towing / Trailer Hitch Receiver, 2-Inch, Class 3, Permanent Bolt-On Version, For Land Rover LR3, LR4 And Range Rover Sport

Item: LR019990ABP

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Great Product

Posted 08-05-2022

Verified Purchase

By Daniel Dwyer

Great quality, fit my 2006 LR3 perfectly.

Much better than the cheap non LR versions

Posted 06-03-2022

Verified Purchase

By Scott Ensminger

My LR4 came with one of the cheap non-LR hitch receivers already on it. I tried to use it but it came loose and did not fit right. I was going to buy the genuine LR part but was happy to find Atlantic British sells this version. Installed per instructions with proper torques and haven’t had any issues pulling my boat.

2010 Range Rover Sport

Posted 04-26-2022

Verified Purchase

By Jeffrey Jaynes

I wanted quality and this hitch is just that. Easy to install, and watched provided video. Great job

Trailer hitch

Posted 10-18-2021

Verified Purchase

By Jabari Charley

Firs perfectly for my 2006 Range Rover Sport

Solid Hitch

Posted 09-27-2021

Verified Purchase

By C.T. Brinkman

I got this to add a trailer hitch bike rack to my LR3 after a dozen years of throwing it in the back. The trailer went on easy and as described in the provided instructions. It feels really solid and has passed the first trip test! Atlantic British has provided reliable support and shipping for all my aging LR needs.

Holds tight and works well

Posted 09-08-2021

Verified Purchase

By Wayne Jackson

Many of the aftermarket bolt on type hitch assemblies tend to come loose after a few uses. This did not. It has a 500lb rating and worked well with the small horse trailer we towed.

Tow Hitch

Posted 06-10-2021

Verified Purchase

By Azzulla forde

Shipping was timely. Tow Hitch was easy to assemble. Great part!

Looks good

Posted 05-28-2021

Verified Purchase

By Hung Pham

Heavy weight steel. Installation is a bit tricky. Just need to tight the nuts on both sides before the middle one can be slipped in. Looks good after completion.

Perfect fit

Posted 05-03-2021

Verified Purchase

By Michael Rodas

Perfect fit and quality of construction

Works Great

Posted 04-19-2021

Verified Purchase

By Olu Davis

As others have indicated, the center bolt couldn't be put on until the two outers were done. Just finished hauling a trailer full of topsoil (for the second time) and it works great.

Works as designed

Posted 04-16-2021

Verified Purchase

By avery morse

Installed this on my 2013 RRS Autobiography. One thing to be aware of with the Auto, the rear trim panel needs to be trimmed to clear the hitch. Had to cut out a 3"x3" section in order to put the panel back on.


Posted 04-13-2021

Verified Purchase

By Xayphaeng Sivong

I product is a perfect fix to my vehicle. I really like how easy it was to installed. I would definitely recommend buying products from Atlantic British.

100% Satisfaction

Posted 03-29-2021

Verified Purchase

By Kevin Jones

Always a pleasure doing business with Atlantic British!

LR3 Trailer Hitch - Perfect Option To Original LR Hitch

Posted 03-15-2021

Verified Purchase

By James Rawls

I pondered this for 2 years and looked at numerous knockoffs, and they had questionable review and just didn't look the quality to go on a well aged LR. I didn't want to pay for the cost of the factory hitch, so this was a perfect option, and has an LR part number on the packaging. Had my LR master mechanic install because of the torque requirements. No issues to note. Quality of this product is outstanding and all the parts were in the box. Highly recommend! Jim in Alabama

Great option

Posted 02-04-2021

Verified Purchase

By Kathleen Connolly

Great value considering the other options for trailer hitch. Purchased this and installed it on a 2012 range rover sport. Went on fairly easily and looks great. Researched and found this through my bike shop. Bought it for transporting bikes. I have not attached a bicycle rack to it yet but I’m sure it will work perfectly. The video was great, did not need to drop the spare for this installation.

Great solution to the OEM receiver!

Posted 02-03-2021

Verified Purchase

By Matthew Wessel

Great solution to the OEM receiver! Easy install with quality hardware! Cover panel still fits with it installed!

Great alternative

Posted 08-20-2020

Verified Purchase

By Lachlan Smith

Great alternative to the OEM hitch receiver. I did have a problem, also read about in other reviews, of not being able to insert the central bolt as directed by the instructions as the first step. However, if the wings bolts are installed first, the receiver gets pulled in tight and then fits without problem. I figure it isn’t sn issue to alter the steps, as A) the instruction photos show the wings’ bolts in place already when installing the center bolt (if memory serves), and B) the instructions also say that some models may not have the center slot to allow for that bolt and that it’s okay not to use it so long as the wing bolts are properly torqued. Overall, fitment is superb.

Fantastic kit

Posted 06-13-2020

Verified Purchase

By Paul Chaplin

I installed this on my 06 RRS, I need to replace it after I was rear ended. The car that hit me was totaled. The receiver took the full force of impact and it was bent down at a 45 degree angle, which absorbed the full force of the impact. I have to buy another one, but more than happy too. Top tip, don't ever drive into one of these!!!

Great receiver!

Posted 05-28-2020

Verified Purchase

By Brian Wheeler

Quick and easy installation. Good quality product. All hardware and instructions provided.

Great product

Posted 05-28-2020

Verified Purchase


Easy to install and great fit and finish. No problems installing or using the receiver. Fast shipping. Thanks

Posted 05-19-2020

Verified Purchase

By Elizabeth Lampe

affordable hitch

Posted 05-13-2020

Verified Purchase

By John Cross

I put it on our lr3 to tow my bass boat and it works as it should

Perfect Hitch Receiver

Posted 04-21-2020

Verified Purchase

By John Barrera

I’m very satisfied with this receiver. I wanted it to be heavy duty and reliable and that’s exactly what I got. I can recommend it with confidence.

Solid Aftermarket Option

Posted 03-27-2020

Verified Purchase

By Blake Burns

After looking at all of the aftermarket options for a hitch receiver for my LR4, I made the decision to buy based on the product quality but also the AB brand. I've been buying products from Atlantic British for years and I know I can count on them. With this said, I didn't find the thread locking glue to be optimum and had to buy better stuff. I also had to stop by a local shop and have them use industrial tools to get it tightened up proper.

Good quality

Posted 01-27-2020

Verified Purchase


This is a great product and AB made a good effort to provide you with nice instructions with photos. My only comment and recommendation to AB are they update the instructions and advise that the 2 side bolts should be installed first as I was not able to get the first, single, 14mm bolt-on until I installed the 2 side bolts.

got it fast

Posted 12-09-2019

Verified Purchase

By Nuuana Robinson

I can't review it yet - have to have it put on first! But I can say the guy I talked to answered all my questions, was friendly and was extremely patient. I had an '02 Discovery and everything was set up, got the LR4 and it's a whole new complicated ballgame.


Posted 11-11-2019

Verified Purchase

By stephen lynerd

This went in perfectly. The bolts that are included are nice and strong, and the instructional video was spot on. Thank you for making a great product!!


Posted 07-30-2018

Verified Purchase

By Anthony Umpierre

Was exactly what I expected it to do. Straight forward installation. Would recommend this product.

The trailer hitch fit my 2010 LR4 perfectly. The key was the tourqing to 90 sqs.

Posted 05-10-2016

Verified Purchase

By Donald perrier

I choose this product because it was the best alternative to the land rover product. Overall, the product fit my vehicle as described and without any difficulties. I would recommend this product to others.

easy to install, excellent

Posted 07-16-2015

Verified Purchase

By Gary Litvin

The service was great and the product matched the service, the teaching videos are of great benefit as well.

Excellent quality and great price but...

Posted 08-20-2014

Verified Purchase

By Carl Phillips

Excellent quality and great price but the mounted position was a bit too low for my liking. I was concerned that this would have an impact on off-road departure angle so I chose to return it and was given a swift refund- thank you Atlantic British! Let me make it clear this was no fault of AB, just the sort of issue any permanently-installed hitch would have. (Probably the reason LR made the factory hitch removable.) I chose to go with a used LR original (for considerably more money) simply because I tow rarely and could remove it when off-roading. If you tow frequently or if off-road clearance is not a concern then you will be happy with this hitch and save considerable money.

Fits exactly as designed

Posted 07-02-2014

Verified Purchase

By Todd Moulton

Great product. Easy to install. A great alternative to the factory hitch.

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