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trailer wiring kit

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Trailer Wiring Kit For Land Rover LR4 2010-2013, VPLAT0013, Includes Flat-4 And 7-Way Connectors

Item: VPLAT0013ABP

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Highly recommend… exactly as described

Posted 01-19-2024

Verified Purchase

By Rex Rubin

i bought the wiring harness for my 2012 LR4. I took the time to watch the videos before installing. Installation was a snap… nice job AB.

Land Rover Wiring Kit for trailer

Posted 01-18-2024

Verified Purchase

By Carlos Caorsi

Seamless transaction, thank you so much!

cost effective trailer wiring

Posted 10-31-2022

Verified Purchase

By Ronald O Niederer

a great add on and easy to install. One minor note, on my 2011 LR4 the harness had to be rotated 180 degrees from the installation instructions picture, but overall easy to install.

Perfect Fit out of Box, Sorta

Posted 07-26-2022

Verified Purchase

By Franklin WARE

The cable fit my 2011 LR4 HSE perfectly. The only issues I had was the included bolt did not well with my pre drilled holes and ending up stripped. I found some bolts that worked and the install was completed. Looks good and easy to follow instructions. Well worth the money.


Posted 06-08-2022

Verified Purchase

By Alberto Presas

Perfect fit. Easy installation

Great product - Easy installation

Posted 03-17-2022

Verified Purchase

By Vern Bastable

The product fits with a bit of persistence and results in a neat looking installation. The only thing I’d change is the screws to mount the connector are very hard to screw in. I’d use self tapping metal screws over the flat tips. Be careful not to strip the Philips head if using an electric drill or even a hand driver.

LR4 Trailer Wiring kit

Posted 03-03-2022

Verified Purchase

By Robert Delach

Great product once it's installed, and as close to OEM you can get. All connectors and wiring look and feel top notch. I provided a 4 star review only because the install instructions weren't very straight forward. That said, i have to assume that this will be the case with most aftermarket products. To start the flat 4 / 7-way plug did not mount in the orientation as shown in the photo. I had to rotate it 180 degrees so that the flat 4 wires did not pinch against the edge of the opening. Secondly the two grommets were spaced to far apart from each other. I had to unwrap the electrical tape for both ends and re-adjust to insure they fit correctly between the two openings.

This is a good kit

Posted 10-05-2021

Verified Purchase

By David Goodermuth

Everything was exactly as it should be. Thanks

Excellent quality aftermarket wiring harness

Posted 09-21-2021

Verified Purchase

By Joel Amundson

The quality of this wiring harness kit is excellent. The attention to detail with its overall assembly and the components used is of a very high quality. The sheathing and heat shrink is well placed and the added interconnects to get the assembly through the bumper area are high quality. I have been designing wiring harnesses for many years for industrial applications for John Deere and Kenworth and rocket engines at Blue Origin. This harness is better than many of the units used in heavy duty on highway and industrial applications. The one thing that didn't work well were the routing clips attached to the harness. Routing is always the most difficult part of harnessing.

Fantastic product

Posted 07-09-2021

Verified Purchase

By Caleb Metzger

The product was a perfect fit. It is truly plug and play. Hardiest part is routing it through the bumper and into the car.

Fantastic kit - Easy install

Posted 06-08-2021

Verified Purchase

By Daniel Shuemaker

The kit is OEM quality and installed like a dream. I was initially dismayed as the mounting holes for the connector plate did not line up....then I took a closer look at the instructions and realized I had made an incorrect assumption to mount the plate vertically. Once I flipped the plug plate horizontally, fit perfectly. Over the course of the next 5 days, I pulled a trailer from TN to TX and back, covering a couple thousand miles with perfect performance. I can’t say enough about this product and service.

Exactly as described

Posted 06-02-2021

Verified Purchase

By Kelly Case

Arrived a little late but not so bad that I couldn't make use of it. Very easy to install with great instructions for step-by-step guidance. And the best part is that it worked perfectly the first time.

Quick install - well made

Posted 04-26-2021

Verified Purchase

By Jay McCaughey

This harness kit is very well made - comes with video instructions for a very easy installation - and works perfectly. And it’s priced fairly considering the time it would take to source the parts and do the research to figure out what goes where. Highly recommended. And thanks to Atlantic British!

Trailer light kit

Posted 12-29-2020

Verified Purchase

By Timothy blair

Installing the product fit was perfect

LR4 Trailer wiring kit

Posted 12-07-2020

Verified Purchase

By Allen Anderson

Easy installation, excellent fit and finish. Operational check good!

Product as described

Posted 10-17-2020

Verified Purchase

By Perion Williams

Easy to install, fit perfectly.

Trailer Wiring Kit LR4

Posted 09-24-2020

Verified Purchase

By Stuart Bicknell

Awesome product and fast shipping to me in Canada. So easy to install and the instructions are idiot proof and there is even a video if you need it.

Great kit!

Posted 07-06-2020

Verified Purchase

By Kenneth Belt

Easy to install, well made and reasonably priced. Definitely recommend.

Trailer wiring harmess

Posted 06-04-2020

Verified Purchase

By Stephen Aranbasich

Product arrived quickly. Instructions were thorough. Harness was made very well and fit great. Worked well on a recent towing experience.

OEM quality

Posted 04-21-2020

Verified Purchase


The picture in the provided instructions showed the plug installed 180-degrees from how it would fit on my LR4. Spent some time trying to make it work the wrong way before figuring it out. Other than 5 min wasted, that's really the only criticism I could fine. Shipped quickly, great customer service...Highly recommend!

"Plug and play"

Posted 04-21-2020

Verified Purchase

By Joe Talley

Wiring and connectors fit and mounting plate attached perfectly.

Trailer lights working!

Posted 04-08-2020

Verified Purchase

By Thompson Lykes

Everything is as the video says; however, the connecting wire should be about an inch longer as it's VERY difficult to get the leverage where you need it to clip them together. The smaller your hands, the easier the connection!

First Rate Quality, Instructions 90% There...

Posted 03-23-2020

Verified Purchase

By SFB Engineering - Jonathan Bailey

Wiring harness and installation instructions / video are top quality. Except, instructions need to be improved to: 1) tell you that you must remove 'dummy' block connectors on the two unused junctions on the inside left panel that the harness connects to (took me about 15 minutes to figure this out, not obvious esp when working in that dark and confined area, I almost thought I had the wrong kit), and 2) the written instructions should be clearer about how to remove the tail light assy and show a picture of the plastic pins in the back of the fixture when it is removed so the user can see what he/she is dealing with; too easy to break.

Easy for non-mechanic to install

Posted 02-06-2020

Verified Purchase

By Mark McQuain

The kit and instructions made this a 30 minute job, most of the time was familiarizing my self with the project. Thanks

Almost "too" well made

Posted 11-11-2019

Verified Purchase

By stephen lynerd

Great kit, so-so instructional video, but in the end it all works. When I say "too" well made, this is what I mean: It's a very stiff construction. Bending it around the corners, adjusting it into the clips was quite a challenge. It took a while, and some bloody knuckles to get it installed, but it's in there. Also, the screws that are included for the plug connection are very soft and delicate, so be extra slow and careful screwing the plug into the frame. DO NOT USE A DRILL!! It will take you an absolute age, but stripping those screws is worse. I don't want this to sound like a bash on the product, just a friendly bit of advice.

Exactly as Advertised

Posted 07-11-2019

Verified Purchase

By William Warren

Great fit. Easy to install. Simple directions. Video available online.

Cable nearly to short

Posted 05-31-2019

Verified Purchase

By Terryl Wolfswinkel

To install as directed the wiring from the receiver to the taillight assembly was nearly to short. Also the distance between the 2 grommets was to long.

Well made product

Posted 05-22-2019

Verified Purchase

By Robert Muret

Followed the enclosed instructions and watch the u-tube installation made it easy.

Fit like a glove

Posted 03-23-2019

Verified Purchase

By John Goelz

Every part and component fit exactly. 20 minutes from start to finish. No reason to worry.

Well thought out harness

Posted 10-16-2018

Verified Purchase

By michael brinkley

This trailer light harness was perfectly thought out and executed. The instructions were precise and left no suprises. I would suggest this to anyone with basic automotive skills. The product and instructions were EXACTLY as described. Thanks for doing all the hard work for me!

Perfect fit

Posted 08-29-2018

Verified Purchase

By Robert Daniels

Easy to install works great for me to use with both types connectors

Excellent quality

Posted 07-30-2018

Verified Purchase

By David Bell

Everything was smooth and the how too video was very helpful. Will definitely be a repeat customer.

Fairly easy to install and much cheaper than going to the dealer...

Posted 05-08-2018

Verified Purchase

By John Schultz

My dealer wanted to charge between $500 and $1000 to supply this part and install it in my vehicle (2016 LR4 Lux). I did it myself with this harness in less than an hour and it works perfectly. The instructions that come with the harness are okay, but the YouTube videos are much better for removal of the tail light and routing of the cable behind the bumper. Highly recommend!

Difficult to install

Posted 04-09-2018

Verified Purchase

By George Offshack

Product works, but it was difficult to install. The installation instructions had several errors.

Easy install; clear directions

Posted 10-12-2017

Verified Purchase

By Robert Reifeiss

As good a product as the original, I imagine; just can't see why LR would save the add'l expense in the first place to not install during fabrication of car, I mean the LR4 was made for towing!! One issue; the 'fir tree' connectors did not always line up with the appropriate holes in car; and can not be easily moved; nor could the rubber grommets going between the metal portions of the taillight. A bit more slack there would be good. Can you tell me; is the trailer light supposed to come on at all once trailer is connected and wired to vehicle? Otherwise, thumbs up, this is my second one (first was for an LR3).

Worked perfect!

Posted 03-22-2017

Verified Purchase

By Ryan Day

This took about 45 minutes and that included securing the spare tire and putting the tools away. It's so simple that it actually frustrated me that the dealer was going to charge me $240 to install. $200 for the harness. Can't be thankful enough I found this. 2012 LR4 HSE

Great quality and price

Posted 05-27-2016

Verified Purchase

By Christopher Perez

Top quality kit with no tradeoffs vs the OEM part. Comments: 1.The grounding wire was taped to the main cable with only the eyelet exposed making things tight. Releasing a few more inches of grounding wire helped, then I taped everything back up. 2. To the user who had trouble with the grommets, I was able to flex them inside-out and slide them slightly to provide a good fit that didn't pop out. 4. I did not get any programming done after installing this kit and my backup sensors still sound off when reversing with a trailer. Not worth a trip to the dealer IMO. 5. Overall, 5/5 stars for great quality, pricing, and AB service.

Good product, easy to install

Posted 05-09-2016

Verified Purchase

By Robert Bouchard

I like the product, easy to install, clear instructions. One critisicm or maybe it's a question. With the trailer hooked up I was hoping that the back up sensor alarm would be disabled. When I back up the alarm is constantly sounding which is distracting and makes hearing back up helpers difficult to hear. Is this alarm supposed to be disabled with the trailer plugged in?

Trailer Wiring Kit

Posted 05-02-2016

Verified Purchase

By Bob Simonton

Overall very good, comes with clear great instructions. Had one problem - the two body gaskets are hermetically sealed to the wiring harness and the distance between them is greater than the distance between the two holes in the truck body so when you push one side in the other side pops out. Had to cut off one seal carefully so it could slide to the correct spot on the wiring harness. Would expect not to have to do diy modifications to make it work. Otherwise seems good quality overall.

OEM-quality fit without OEM price.

Posted 09-29-2015

Verified Purchase

By Donald deVeer

Kit fit vehicle exactly. Quality seems very good. Installation instructions are good describing the mounting and plugging into the vehicle harness, although the wire routing between the two ends was pretty vague. Happy with the price, as it really was the cheapest OEM-replica kit.

Great product

Posted 12-31-2014

Verified Purchase

By Michael Macri

I was somewhat apprehensive it I viewed the video 4 times and read the instructions 3 times. , it went smoothly took me about one hour works great easy project

LR4 trailer wiring harness

Posted 08-12-2014

Verified Purchase

By Heath Owen

This product came as described. Instructions with pictures and screws. Very easy to install.

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