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car door panel popper

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Panel Popper Automotive Trim Tool By CTA Tools

Item: W107T

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ordered this for tailgate repair

Posted 03-30-2020

Verified Purchase

By Chandler Arden

This tool really did help for the tailgate repair of my LR4!

Works pretty well for pulling off interior for panels

Posted 06-13-2017

Verified Purchase

By Joseph Grigsby

This tool greets the job done. It's good that it's metal because the nylon type of petty tools bends too much, however it has a hard time getting all the way to the studs under the for panel before it starts to pull because it's so thick. It works, but you still might break a few of the plastic retainer studs. Just replace them. They're cheap. I would still recommend buying this tool before pulling off an interior door panel.

Panel Popper

Posted 04-21-2017

Verified Purchase

By Gavin Lantry

I used this popper without snapping off any of the plastic studs that hold the door panel in place. I did buy 20 replacement studs along with the popper just in case things went south. It's a proper popper, I recommend it...

Works great!!

Posted 02-27-2015

Verified Purchase

By Steve Weiss

This one worked better than the one I made out of an old pry bar. It made removing the inner door panel much easier. No door studs harmed. I would recommend this tool to anyone who has to remove a door panel.

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