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Range Rover Trailer Wiring Kit

25 reviews 4.7 out of 5 stars

Trailer Wiring Kit By Atlantic British, YWJ500170, For Range Rover Sport 2006 - 2009, Includes Flat-4 And 7-Way Connectors

Item: YWJ500170ABP

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Excellent Product

Posted 05-24-2022

Verified Purchase

By Joseph Vallee

Was all great except no mention of the single wire from the hatch's top center brake light - I had to splice it in which was pretty easy. Took me less than 30minutes to have it all done.

Perfect fit

Posted 07-17-2021

Verified Purchase

By Robert Arra

Wiring harness made super easy to install

Perfect Fit

Posted 11-25-2020

Verified Purchase

By Rodney Walker

Excellent product that fit like it came with the vehicle. Came with easy to follow straight forward instructions.

Harness Installed

Posted 08-24-2020

Verified Purchase

By Paul Jones

Great price and good quality. Plug end a bit of a pain to fit... patience required. Fairly straightforward install. Instructions failed to mention removing existing wiring but it makes sense after looking at it for a bit.

It fits perfect ??

Posted 07-10-2020

Verified Purchase

By Luis Martinez

It fits perfect, I have a couple problems whit a extra cables I have in my Rover but I did figured out and worked perfectly.

Good Quality

Posted 07-08-2020

Verified Purchase

By Thad Buchanan

Once the item arrived I realized I had ordered the wrong part number for my particular vehicle. But I did take a close look at the harness and I have to say it was OEM quality. The return went smoothly and I will definitely use Atlantic British again.

Thumbs up!

Posted 04-27-2020

Verified Purchase

By Scott Knowles

All of the above >

08 Supercharged 4.2L Rover Sport works well

Posted 04-07-2020

Verified Purchase

By Eric Swinger

Installing is a little tricky in the small spaces entering the tail light section. You should lower your spare tire out of the way to get the most optimal angle. I didn't have an extra set of hands, so used some hose clamp extension pliers to lock onto the wire grouping to help pull the first set of wires through pretty easily. The screws provided are not great and stripped a bit when mounting onto the bumper. Wiring works as it should having run the boat a few times since installation!

Great Plug and play light kit

Posted 04-24-2019

Verified Purchase

By Robert Vincent

The instructions could be a bit better for install. There are things seemingly left out like positioning and what wires you should completely remove. I kind of had to read between the lines. Very good kit though and worked great once installed!

Plug and play, but bring small hands.

Posted 09-18-2018

Verified Purchase

By Paul Sloan

Atlantic/British sells a great product with the trailer harness. Land Rover leaves no room under the vehicle. Without the help of my daughter, thanks Bekah, threading the loom would have been a headache.

Expectations Met

Posted 06-29-2018

Verified Purchase

By joe d fisher

The part was as described and instructions straightforward. One hour of installation time. Fast shipping.

Little modifications needed

Posted 02-26-2018

Verified Purchase

By Daniel Wilkins

Little modifications needed Otherwise everything plugged and played just fine

I made the right decision

Posted 11-15-2017

Verified Purchase

By jason naughton

Why pay more? Perfect plug and play and way cheaper than Oem. Takes less than an hr to install.

Wiring kit great, service better!

Posted 10-07-2017

Verified Purchase

By Frank Cuffe

Wiring kit arrived, easy to install with directions, company replaced the lower cable assembly when I found that one of the quick snap connections was faulty. No problems, great service. I will use Atlantic British for all of my RR Sport issues in the future.

Phenomenal product and service

Posted 07-06-2017

Verified Purchase

By Dennis Becker

This wiring harness couldn't have been more simple to install. Great experience all around.

No spicing of wires

Posted 05-26-2017

Verified Purchase

By John Perlow

Gear product, all connections are same as the factory connections. Instructions could be a little clearer.

works good a small adjustment

Posted 03-10-2017

Verified Purchase

By Patrick John

The wire harness works good but I had a little problem fitting the block and screwing it into the back of my Range Rover Sport. The holes doesn't line up when the block is upright so I rotated it 90 degrees and it worked fine

Seems Well Made -Only one issue...

Posted 07-25-2016

Verified Purchase

By Jim Walters

Received the harness and was not able to install it for 30 +days. All was as specified except for the brown wire for the back-up sensor connector was loose and completely out of the housing. I inserted it as far as I could apparently making contact and epoxied it into it's socket/housing. Installed it in the vehicle with help for the AB video and it seems to work, just a bit disappointing that there was a wire loose upon receipt. Would still recommend this product as I sure this issue was a rarity.

easy install

Posted 05-09-2016

Verified Purchase

By Dave L Hermann

very easy install.................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Direct fit!

Posted 02-26-2016

Verified Purchase

By Chris Cendana

This is exactly what I needed for my 2008 Range Rover Sport. Thank you! A couple things to note: 1. The taillight doesn't pop out as easy as you'd think. There are two screws AND there are two tabs located on the outside of the light. I didn't have a tool to loosen the two tabs from the body, so I used a nylon tie-down strap to shimmy through the gap and lightly tug on the light. That worked much better than trying to muscle the tail light out. 2. When screwing in the hitch receiver, put all four screws in the receiver first and then tighten each one little by little in an X pattern. If you don't (like I didn't) you'll have a harder time to get it to secure flush against the chassis


Posted 02-09-2016

Verified Purchase

By Gord Cameron

I bought this part after looking at the Dealership and online. All with ridiculous pricing. I found this part and was skeptical because of the great price but am glad I took the chance and purchased it. Perfect fit and excellent instructions. Just over an hour from start to finish. Highly recommend it.

easy installation

Posted 05-28-2015

Verified Purchase

By George Pavlou

I installed the wiring kit in about 45min only because the plug wouldn't fit unless i forced it into place. It a great product . Everything fitted into place like its supposed to.

Great Product!

Posted 09-04-2014

Verified Purchase

By David Watts

Purchased this trailer wiring kit to tow a small u-haul trailer behind my '06 RRS during a move from Missouri to Colorado. Prior to buying I called the dealer to get a quote from them, they quoted me at $180 for parts and $450 for installation! Save yourself $500 and get this wiring harness. Installation was really easy (about 45 minutes). The detailed instructions and youtube video made installation even easier, however, I wish the instructions would include just a little more detail on removing the left side panel, such as dropping the rear seat and the locations of the pins. The wiring harness worked perfectly from the first try and I had zero issues with it on the 1000 mile drive.

Great instructions

Posted 08-14-2014

Verified Purchase

By Anthony Settle

Great instructions. Straight forward. I love how the trailer lights pulsate when you turn the vehicle off for a few minutes.

Works a promised

Posted 05-05-2014

Verified Purchase

By E Rick Hart

Wiring kit arrived as promised. Instructions are well written. Installed and testing. Kit worked as expected. Good quality product.

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